Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sep 18 – Three Gorges Dam

In the morning we go for a tour of the Dam area. It was quite the busy place



The dam is more than a mile wide. It is hard to sense how big it is. Each of those boxes on the cranes is the size of a small house.


Img15883 Img15884

A very slow line to an observation platform.


Looking back towards the locks.


We got back on the boat to go a bit farther down the river to Yichang. We got there around 11 and were met by another guide and driver just to take us to the local airport for the flight to Shanghia. The flight wasn’t supposed to leave until around 5 but there wasn’t much else to do around here. They tried to take us on another “tour” of an embroidery factory but we declined. We just asked to be taken to the airport and so we could just veg for a while.

Unfortunately there was a typhoon near Shanghia and all the flights going that way were delayed.


It made for a very long afternoon and evening but the flight finally left at 11:30pm.

Our new guide, Aaron was there at the airport at 1:30 am to take us to our hotel.

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