Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sep 4 – To Jasper and Maligne Canyon

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Yesterday we did the short (90 km) hop over to Jasper National Park. It was a very easy drive, either flat or the long downhill into Jasper.




The national park campground is by far the biggest one we have ever been in. The average we have seen is in the 40 site range. This one has 760 sites. It is about 2 km long by 1 km wide. The entrance is 3 lanes wide for several hundred meters. One for people already in and two for people to register. I wonder how long it takes on a busy weekend.

But the thing is that the sites are huge, though not at all private. There are about 100 sites with some kind of hookups. Ours in power only.


Since the trees are kind of sparse and we are here for at least 5 nights. I though I would give the satellite TV a try. The dish on the roof almost found a hole but I had to break out the tripod dish for only the second time this trip. Jennie got lucky again. The red dots below show where the two Shaw satellites are. 97% signal strength,

Today was mostly sunny with quite a few clouds. I hoped we would get a completely sunny day for the big mountain views so we waited and today went to Maligne Canyon. It was another wow day but kind of scary for Jennie.

The canyon is about 2 km long. At it’s deepest it is about 50m or about 150 feet and only about 8 feet wide. That doesn’t really mean much until you look down from the bridges. I’m just going to show (a lot) of pictures. Not much explanation is necessary.






The sun was just right for shadows,







Maligne Lake is farther up the road but it has no obvious outlet. They assume it is drained via underground caves. One of those underground rivers joins here as it flows out of this huge cliff.



A very interesting, cascading waterfall.




Our lunch spot.


With its own beach.


Jennie is always (very carefully) investigating rocks.


We walked down until the canyon ended and the river widened. We turned around and climbed back to the start, of course stopping at every viewpoint again.



Tonight I went for a walk around the campground. It is elk rutting season around here and they warn you to be very careful around the males as they are protective of their females. As I turned a corner of the trail there was a female grazing at the trail side. I VERY quickly scanned around for any males. Seeing none, I just gave her a wide berth and watch from a distance for a while. Of course, I forgot my camera.

The forecast is calling for thunderstorms tomorrow so we aren’t sure what we will do.

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