Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11 – Snow Day

I thought I would do a very short post for a change.

Last night it rained quite hard for the early evening and night but then it got quiet. That just meant that it had started snowing.

The morning view out our front window.



It never came down very hard but it kept going until early afternoon.


Surprisingly, after being fairly empty, the park has filled up. It’s not the best time to be here though.


We have a herd of identical RVs.


We stayed inside until the evening when we went to a nearby steakhouse for Mother’s Day dinner. We got there early and it was mostly locals eating, as the owner seemed to know everyone (you can tell by the cowboy hats). By the time we were done our great steaks and bread pudding desert, the place was full of tourists like us.

These hills are just behind the RV park.


Some blue sky off in the distance.


Tomorrow is supposed to be back to sun with a high of 11C.

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  1. Snow! I'll bet you were glad that you upgraded your heating system in the RV!!!