Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 18 – A quiet rainy day in Comox

As predicated it was a rain day. It has been pretty constant all last night and today.

This is the view out my side window when we got up.


Since it is Saturday there is usually a farmer’s market somewhere. In order not to stay inside all day, we went to the one in Courtney.


There were about 40 booths and with a fair number of people wandering around even though the weather was this bad.

At this booth you could get Water Buffalo Yogurt.


At this one you could get Water Buffalo (sausages),


We might stop going to these smaller ones. We are not really interested in the produce and are usually just looking for interesting food. There were only a few food booths but I cannot resist a cinnamon bun. Jennie said it was my early Father’s Day present.


We tried a tamale from this Columbian booth.


We got the second last one and I think it had been sitting in a steamer too long because it was kind of mushy.


After a quick stop at the area visitor’s center we headed back home. The Snowbirds use CFB Comox for some of their training.


Since it was pretty close to low tide I walked out to do a quick comparison. From last night, this was somewhere around the 12 foot level.


And this is around the 4 foot level.



Back up to spend a dry and warm afternoon in the RV.


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