Saturday, June 1, 2024

June 1 - Silverton Falls

We are by no means morning people but I think we are going have to try and get to our day's activities as early as possible. There are just so many people here. The campground is full and the parking lot to the gondola, hot springs and the most popular hike were full by mid morning. Even the free parking lots around the edge of town were very busy.

It was a grey and cool day so better for close up views. Therefore we started with a waterfall.

It was an easy hike to Silverton Falls. It is listed on the park brochures but there is no signage as to its location. It is really a branch hike off of a much longer hike. At first I drove right past the entrance until I looked it up on my hiking app and retraced our route. The only sign was once you started the trail it told you how far it was to the falls. Also there was no need to get to this one early as we were the only car there, although it was only 8:30.

It's only a 2 km round trip with a 60m elevation gain but since most the walks we have done all winter at home and then at the cottage have been mostly flat it was good re-introduction to climbing.


There also a few very narrow and steep section that got to Jennie’s vertigo but we just took it slow.


The falls were very beautiful in 3 sections that fell into a pool and then onto the next.


The view the other way was pretty good as well.


The “viewing area” was very small with steep edges so again not so great for Jennie.


Once again the photosphere give you the best idea of being there.

I can always count on Jennie to find the little treasures on the trailside.


These are called Calypso Orchids and they are only about 1 inch across.


We then headed back to Banff, parked on the edge of town. We first hit the visitor’s center and then just wandered. Everyone has to take this classic picture with the mountain in the background.


LOTS of people. There were so many high end shops and souvenir stores that did not interest us but also a lot of restaurants with great smells and different types of food.

We finally picked a Korean  Street Food place. It had boy band videos blaring on the TV but the food was really good. We shared a large spicy chicken bowl. I normally don’t like posting pictures of food but this was worth remembering. (A group of Korean girls did come in and waited until everyone in their party had their order to artfully arrange the food on the table to take a lot of pictures before they finally started eating.)


What had initially caught our attention was seeing people through the front window eating something on a stick. Even though the bowl was very filling we had to try one. Sausage on a stick, covered in mozzarella and a final coating of potatoes, with many different sauces. Very healthy.


Back at the campground, there is a lot of wildlife around. As we were checking in, a deer roams between the line of RVs. As I was setting up, a fox walked past me and this morning a ranger was chasing a pair of elk out of the campground. And as we walked around the campground we saw a raven swoop down and snatch a sandwich off of someone’s picnic table. So far no bears or cougars.

Then there are these guys popping out of holes in the ground everywhere.


At first I thought that they were prairie dogs but a park brochure called them Columbian Ground Squirrels.

A short first day but we are here for a while so there is no rush.

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  1. Great first hike complete with waterfalls and beautiful mountains! I remember how busy Banff was and we had to park our 28 ft C Class off street but it was fine! Love your food choices!!!!