Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21 - To Asheville, North Carolina

It is time to start our slow march north. We drove for about an hour to get to Mama Gerties Hideaway Campground just east of Asheville.

It seems like a great place but I have no idea what possessed someone to think to build an RV park on a steep hill side. I had to downshift to low and even then the RV had a hard time even making up the access road to the park let alone the roads in the park.

The campground is divided into two section. There is the lower, severely terraced and treed section that we are in.


The pictures don’t really convey how steep it is. The wheels on our neighbours RV are above the roof of our RV.


Once again we just barely got a satellite signal. I had to move the tripod around about 5 times before I found this spot.


The upper premium section is a flat spot carved out of the hill side.


These sites were supposed to have a view but there was a line of tall trees in front that blocked most of it.

The best sites were the ones right on the edge of the hill side. A great view and they even get a deck and swinging chair.



If I had known they were this good I might have sprung for one even though they are $420 a week vs. our $250. I imagine they book early as there are only about 6 of them.

Just walking around the campground is a good workout.


Our site is way down at the bottom where you can just barely see the red CRV. This picture was taken about halfway up to the premium sites.

There is lots to see and do around Ashville. I think we should have booked more than a week as we are probably going to run out of days.

This being Memorial Day weekend I think everything is going to be very busy so we will have to get out early each day.

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  1. Looks like you have a great RV site - as usual! Love that view from the site with the swinging chair!!! Have fun on the long weekend!!!