Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug 10 – Lockport and Kejimkujik

The the ground is soaked from the rain all morning. Even the locals say that this is the wettest and worse season for mosquitoes this year. The Park Hosts said that they even had to buy Deet this year. It was best to drive out to see some of the scenery in Crescent Beach in Lockport.

On the way we saw another fleet of model ships near the road.


The Titanic.



There was over a kilometer of sandy white beach, the type that feel smooth on the feet, with shells, jelly fish, seaweed, crab parts and other debris. It was empty most of the time so we had it to ourselves to stroll and pick up treasures.

IMG_8593  IMG_8610



In the afternoon, we hiked the seaside trail at Kejimkujik National Park (4.3 km), sat on the rocks watched some seals sunning themselves and absorbed the ambiance of the Bahamas like setting with turquoise blue/green water and white sand.

IMG_4440 IMG_4445  IMG_4442


After dinner we went for another stroll on the beach by the campground.


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