Monday, August 2, 2010

Aug 2 – To Antigonish

After getting to the campground at 5:00 am, around 11:00 am, we woke up and drove off to our next destination which was a campsite near Antigonish. It was 3:00 pm when we checked in and set up.


We had another nap and then went to have dinner at this crazy place near the Canso Causeway.


The owner was such a super energetic man, running around serving customers in his shop and then in the cafe of his shop. Our lobster dinners were $30 each and we ordered a bowl of seafood chowder ($10) too. The man was such a character, it was like entertainment watching him scurrying around the shop, lighting fireworks to please his customers and giving everyone gifts, like placemats, postcards, we got a box of Little Debbies.


After dinner we drove across the causeway to look around and on the way back we got stopped as this huge barge filled with what looked like salt got pushed by a tug. Nobody seemed to mind the wait. Everyone got out of their cars and went up to watch. It took about 1/2 hour to pass.


IMG_4244 IMG_4249

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