Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20 – To Nanaimo

Very short post today. We moved about 50 km north to the Westwood Lake RV Campground in Nanaimo.

It is a pretty small place. Even the entrance is small. We had to completely block it to register because there was nowhere else to stop.


The interior roads are very tight as well.


The view out our front window.


I couldn’t even make it around the loop to back in to our site because that red car stuck out into the road. I had to tie the tree back and wiggle back and forth until I could get by.

The site doesn’t look too bad if viewed from the right angle.


But …


This used to be one of their best sites but a developer bought the land next door and is putting up 9 homes of some type on a tiny lot. Hopefully they don’t start working at too early an hour.

When we checked in the owner apologized and said that the area was still woodland when we booked a few months ago. They had even offered to purchase the land themselves but lost out.

Here is the current Google Earth view still showing the forest.

Google Maps

There is good WIFI and our site is one of the few that can get a satellite signal, so somehow we will survive.

A quick wander around the campground yielded a bunny. There seem to be lots of them here.


And some interesting driftwood dinosaur bones.



We are here for a week.

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