Thursday, August 17, 2017

Aug 17 – To Baraga, Michigan

Today we moved about a 4 hour drive west, skipping over some of the places we will do on the way back.

We are not staying long here, only 2 nights, as there were just a few waterfalls and a lighthouse that I thought we could see in a day. That is assuming the weather cooperates.

Today the weather was lousy, with rain all day, sometimes very heavy with a few thunderstorms. A good day to waste travelling.

Since we were passing right by one of the waterfalls I had on my list and it had RV parking we stopped to check it out.

Our timing could not have been much worse. As we were getting close it actually started to get sunny. We parked and started down the trail. Almost immediately it start to sprinkle rain. After the short hike we got to the falls and it started coming down in buckets. Thankfully we had brought our rain coats but it sure meant for a short visit. Then, of course, as soon as we got back to the RV it was bright sunshine again. The rain started again soon after but a few minutes either way from when we actually got to the falls and we would have had sunshine.

Here are some very quick and lousy picture of Canyon Falls, just so we remember being there.

The rapids above the falls.


The falls.


The canyon below the falls.


Even though the falls are close by, I don’t think we will go back tomorrow even if the weather is great. The view of the falls and canyon that you could get from the trail were just not that good.

Tonight and tomorrow night we are trying something new that I had read about in other people’s blogs. Casino Camping. A lot of the casinos either allow overnight RV parking in their lots or have actual RV sites next to the parking lot. They are usually quite cheap and you more than make up for the price in vouchers to encourage you to go inside the casino.

I don’t think we picked the right one to try, though. Compared to some of the monster casinos we have seen this one is kind of small and dismal looking. The dreary weather doesn’t help.


There are 10 sites off to one side of the lot.


Not pretty but for $10 a night you get full hookups, free seemingly fast WIFI and each of us get a voucher for a free drink and $10 in play money, per night. I don’t think we will use the voucher.

If we do try this again it would be at one of the big casinos where I might actually feel like going in to check it out.

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