Monday, August 21, 2017

Aug 21 – Around Northern Keweenaw Peninsula

Today we headed west and hit some sights along the north shore of the peninsula. If you aren’t sick of lighthouses, waterfalls and beaches, you soon will be.

No hiking at all today. Everything was beside the road.


First was Silver Falls. You can see the bridge over the road at the top of the picture.


The photosphere.

We walked just a short distance farther downstream. The waterfalls are not roaring as much today.


The photosphere.

Next was the village of Eagle Harbour and its lighthouse. First the view from across the bay as we came into town.



We paid our $5 per person admission and checked out the buildings.



You could climb the stairs but you could not go up by the light or on the balcony. The excuse they gave was that it is an active light but we have been all the up in many active lighthouses. The stairs were nice though.



As usual the inside of the building is a museum. I am sure they just stuff whatever they can find from the era in here because there had some pretty nice stuff for a light keeper.



This was a wood carving of the Lords Prayer.


We checked out the other buildings, One was for commercial fishing and ice cutting. Another was for shipping and the wrecks.


Everybody has to have a model of the Edmund Fitzgerald.


On the way to the next destination we stopped at a lookout and decided to have lunch on the beach. Of course “lookout” means up high so it was 80 steps down to the beach (and back up).


That last one was a killer.


We had the place to ourselves.



A quick stop at Jacobs Falls.



The museum in Eagle River was closed.


The only view of Eagle River Falls was from high up on a bridge.


It looks like they cheated a bit and dammed up the rocks. It gives a nicer waterfall and maybe give them a small pond.


The old metal bridge is now for pedestrians, for viewing the falls. The new highway bridge is made of wood and has these great, massive wooden support arches. I wonder how they bent the huge slats of wood.


We stopped to check out the general store and the owner was talking to someone about a great agate beach that only the locals know about. She said to take a side road and watch for an unmarked roadside park with two outhouse right by the roadside. Well, we found them but …


There was no beach. When we climbed down to the shore there was just a rocky cliff. I guess the water must be much higher since she has been there. The person we talked to also showed up so I think we had the right place.

We continued on the side road just to check it out. First was this amazing log home.


We also stopped for a quick picture of Sand Point Lighthouse. It is now a B&B and you need an appointment to take a tour. It is a very different style for a lighthouse.


On the way out we had driven along the coast road. On the way back we drove up Brockway Mountain Road (the mountain that blocks the cell signal). It is supposed to have great views down onto Lake Superior.

The Eclipse. I knew that the solar eclipse was today and I had brought the solar filter I have for my telescope. Of course I left it in the RV so I was worried that we would miss the event.

To our surprise, when we got to the lookout at the top of Brockway Mountain, it was packed with people watching the eclipse. There had to be at least 40 cars. As a bonus a family of people that had a bunch of the eclipse glasses gave us a pair.

I wish we had gotten there a bit sooner to see the early part of the moon touching the sun but when we arrived the sky was clear and the moon was at its maximum coverage. Soon afterwards the clouds started to move in.


A photosphere.

I just put the glasses over the front of my camera to get this image.


People didn’t stay long after the moon started moving off.


The view down to Superior was pretty good.




On the zigzag road back down to Copper Harbour there was a nice overlook of the village.

kew lookout-1



And a photosphere because I felt like it.

Then home.

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