Monday, May 27, 2019

May 27 – To Craters of the Moon National Monument

We have to drive down the highway a bit to get a cell signal to post these so they will be a day late.

Today we moved about 2 hours west to Craters of the Moon National Monument.

The scenery was more of the vast Snake River Plain punctuated by a few massive buttes.


With mountains far off in the distance.


Getting closer.


We are staying in the no hookups, first come first serve, Lava Flow Campground near the monument’s visitor’s center. Unfortunately there is also no cell service or WIFI here.

It is a very interesting campground because they just carved some sites right into the lava flow. When we arrived the ranger recommended, due to our RV size, that we take one of the easy sites near the entrance.



It would have been a perfect time for a drone shot but they are not allowed in national parks and monuments.

This brightly coloured bird flew nearby.


There is a main loop that has some larger sites and then two smaller loops for smaller RV’s.


Some of the smaller ones are unique. On this one, to get to your picnic table you have to go through the gap in the lava.



This one had a great view of the open lava field.


Here the picnic table was down in an almost crater.


Our RV is the tiny white one in the upper right.


The photosphere.

When we arrived just before noon, a light rain started so we had lunch and went up to the visitor’s center to check out the displays and watch some movies about the place.

The rain kept stopping and starting so we waited to start exploring the main part of the park and just walked through the campground.

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