Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mar 29 – To Flagstaff, Arizona

Just a short post for today.

It was another sunny and bright day, a bit cold but best of all very little wind.

The first part of the drive through New Mexico was kind of flat and boring. Everything is so dry. There are fire warning everywhere.


Eventually scenery got much more interesting. Lots of mesas off in the distance.


Huge long trains going in both directions and moving very fast.






Right at the Arizona border there was this strange formation, of course with a nearby gift shop.




Things got pretty flat and wide open again.


About the only thing there was were Indian gift shops and the billboards to advertise them. The philosophy seemed to be why use one billboard when you can use 20 all right next to each other.


As soon as you passed one shop the signs for the next would start. I even saw one set for a shop that was about 10 miles behind us, urging you to go back.


As this is mostly Indian land there were lots of casinos. This was an advertisement for the Twin Arrows Casino.


As we got closer to Flagstaff we saw our first snow capped mountain of this trip.


Now Albuquerque is at around 4-5000 feet in elevation. Flagstaff is near 7000 feet. I am sure we did most of the climbing in the last 30 or so miles. It was a slow end to the day.

The Walmart I had chosen to stay was very tight to manoeuvre around. It was not a big wide open lot but there were boulevards everywhere. I had to be very careful. It was also posted as “No Overnight Parking” but the reviews online said this was a city rule that was rarely enforced. We shared the lot with about 6 other RVs.

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