Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aug 9-10 - At the Cottage

On Saturday we decided to take about trip across to the village of Meldrum Bay on the western end of Manitoulin Island. Almost everyone here at our families cottages decided to go. There were 11 of us. Our boat has a capacity of 12 people but it would be tight so we took two boats. My uncle just bought this years model of our boat so we are almost twins.



The lake was calm in the morning but has a tendency to get rough in the afternoon so we left at about 9:30 am. It is about 37 km to go from our cottage across the North Channel of Lake Huron to Meldrum Bay. We cruise at about 50 kph so it took less than an hour.



We both took the opportunity to fill up with gas at $1.50 something a litre. Then we parked our boats and headed up into the village.


First posing for a group shot in front of the marina office.



When we landed the border patrol came down to check us out as they get a lot of boaters from the States here.


The main reason we came here, aside from just getting out in the boats, was to have lunch at the Inn.


We knew we would get there too soon but we thought we might just have an early lunch. Then we discovered that the restaurant doesn't open until noon.

There not being much else to do, we wandered next door to the store.


The upstairs was filled with crafts.


More waiting.


Some of us checked out the garden at the Inn.





Others wandered out onto the new breakwater.



When noon finally arrived we sat down for lunch. We took up three tables and there was another couple and a family of 4.

I guess the cook had trouble with large orders. Even though it was a very small menu he/she would only cook for one table at a time. The couple and the family got theirs first and then over the course of about 1/2 hour each of our tables got their meal. The first table was just about finished when the last got theirs.

The only pictures I took were not very flattering as people always seemed to have food in their mouths so I won't post them.

Most of of us had the fish and chips. Everything was very good. Even though they had some great sounding deserts everyone was too full.

The local fishing boat had come in with its retinue of seagulls and unloaded while we had lunch.



We wandered back to the boats and headed home. 



Sunday was a mostly lazy day doing a few chores. Then about 4 o'clock we decided it was just too calm on the lake to pass up so we headed out for some blueberry picking across the bay.



The North Channel is a world famous boating and sailing destination.


We anchored the boat and headed up in the rocks.


The picking was not that great and after around an hour I had about a cup and a half. Again the picking was just an excuse to get out in the boat so we didn't mind.

On the way in we had seen a bunch of boats in a sheltered bay so we went in to explore on the way home.


Just a few bucks in that convoy.


Another sailboat was working its way in.


There is a narrow split in the rocks that in previous years has been too shallow to go through but with the high water this year we could slowly exit the bay by the back way.



And home we go.




The forecast for the next few days gets progressively worse. I hope we can still get out on the lake.

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