Friday, September 20, 2013

Maine, PEI 2013 Summary

In the summer of 2013 we explored Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, PEI, Gaspe, Quebec and then wandered around Ontario for a while after spending some time at our family cottage.

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The map below marks the major places we visited. If you click on a turquoise marker you will get a link to the first post for that area. If you zoom out you can see our other trips as well.

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Favourite Days

While almost everyday of the trip was great and I encourage you to look at them all, these are the ones I consider the most memorable.

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Mount Washington
Franconia Notch
IMG_1007409 Pemaquid Point
Monhegan Island
Cadillac Mountain
Hopewell Rocks
West Cape PEI
Cap Gaspe
Niagara Falls


4 1/2 months or 134 days since we left home (May 9 – Sep 19).

Together with other years that makes about 540 days we have stayed in the RV.

13000 pictures saved (who know how many taken, at least double). It seems I posted over 2500 to the blog.


  1. 6000 km on the RV
  2. 4000 km on the CRV just in day trips.


I didn’t keep track of the money. This year the main expense was the campgrounds as they are much more expensive in the east. The usual price was in the $35 to $40 range but a few times it was over $50.

With the price of gas this year it still hurt to fill up but with the shorter distance we didn’t have to do it nearly as often as last year.

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