Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sep 17 – To Jordan, Ontario

Today we headed back to Ontario to do a bit more exploring before we head home for the winter.

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The border crossing was easy. It was only about a 15 minute wait and just a few questions. We are now at a small campground that is mostly seasonal sites.


The seasonal people look like they have been here a long time and are not going anywhere. Big decks with eaves trough and lots of gardens.


These trailers are never moving again.




As I walked around I saw this fierce hunter stalking a moth.


We got set up, had lunch and then decided to do a short hike at nearby Balls Falls Conservation Area. When we got there it turned out that every public school student in the Niagara region was there learning about water conservation. Thankfully by the time we were done the hike and got back to the main area they were gone.


It was a huge setup. I would guess there were 30 of these tents spread over the site.

The conservation area has a short trail to two large waterfalls.




We went up and down a bit of the Niagara Escarpment.


Unfortunately at this time of year there is almost no water. This is what is left of Twenty Mile Creek that feeds the falls.


The pictures of the upper falls did not work out at all. The ones of the lower falls were no good either but at least you can see the trickle of water. The description said that in the spring the falls are as wide as they are tall.


We poked around some of the historic buildings before we headed back.



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  1. Funny to see those permanent RV sites with gardens and porches!