Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sep 11 – Biking below the Falls

Another hot and humid day. We decided to continue biking along the Niagara River but this time we started downstream (north) and worked our way south to where we left off yesterday.


It was a short ride at only 11 km each way but we knew we were going to make a lot of stops.

We parked at the Floral Clock just south of the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge.



Passing by the Adam Beck Generating Station.


They attempted to make it look like the older station we saw yesterday but there is not enough detail.


Looking down the line of towers.


Another huge station on the US side.



We stopped at the Niagara Glen picnic area and lookout.




There are a set of trails at the bottom of the cliff but you have to go down this stairway to get to them.



Looking back at Jennie.


You can see some of the trail running along the bottom of the cliff in the pictures below

I would like to try the trails sometime but I think we will have to see if there is another way down because I don’t think Jennie would do the stairs.



Next stop was the bend in the river called the Whirlpool. The Aerocar ride goes across the bend. We were at the end of the ride.




Taking pictures of each other.


Jennie stayed back from the railing.


Then we rode around the bend to the loading station.


Looking back where we were.


We were now on a quest for ice cream. We stopped at one place that advertised having it but the store section was closed. The rest of the building was called the Bird Kingdom that has a bunch of free flying birds inside. While I was waiting for Jennie an Australian guy that worked there came out to try and get us to go in. It was the “Most amazing attraction at the Falls”.  I told him we didn’t have a lock for the bike so we couldn’t go in and that we might come back when we got the car. I am pretty sure Jennie and probably me could not handle having birds fly up and land on us. He talked my ear off for a while until Jennie came back out.

Since his ice cream place was closed we asked for a recommendation. He sent us here. It was still expensive but we have paid the same elsewhere. At least it was not sold by weight.


We made it back to the spot where we had turned around yesterday.




The top of the Hershey Chocolate Museum.


One the way back we stopped to look at this construction on the US side of the river.


We just happened to be across the street from the Bird Kingdom. The guy saw us and came over to tell us what was going on.

It seems that the Maid of the Mist people have not been able to come to an agreement with the Niagara Parks Commission as to a price to be able to dock their boats. They gave up trying and are now spending $32 million dollars to build a terminal on the American side. That must be one profitable business.

As of next year you will have to go to the US side to ride the Maid of the Mist boats but the guy said that another company has paid the Commission its huge fee and will still run a similar service from the Canadian side.

We didn’t stop for much on the way back to the car.




It is supposed to be rainy tomorrow so we are not sure what we will do. At least it is supposed to cool off.

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