Sunday, May 19, 2019

May 19 – Bear Canyon Trail

I guess the season really starts on Memorial Day weekend around here. The campground is still only has us but today just about every site that can be reserved has a sign on it for the weekend.

It was a gloomy and cool day for our last one in the area but our timing today was pretty good.

We did the 3 miles out and back Bear Canyon Trail which takes you out to a viewpoint on Bear Canyon and the Green River Reservoir in the background. The trailhead is just across the highway from the campground. As we were walking by, the camp host suggested that we take an alternate way back following a less used path marked by orange ribbons. He also said that we could get to some different views to the east but they must have been on unmarked side trails because we never saw them.

Screenshot (24)

I said that our timing was good because it drizzled all day. We were getting just wet enough for it to be annoying but not enough to require putting on the rain gear. Just as we got to the viewpoint the rain and wind stopped long enough for me to use the drone. We even got a bit of sun for a few seconds. As we headed back the drizzle started again and soon after we were back at the RV the wind and real rain started. So we got damp but not soaked.


All the trees were blackened at the bottom. There were some really black logs lying around.


This one looked like a person yelling “Help me!”.


We could see the rain coming down in the mountains above us and the prevailing wind should have blown it towards us so we were still a bit worried.


A field of burnt up shrubs.


This tree looked like it had a lightning hit.


Nearing the end, as the line of trees seemed to end ahead of us.


The view down to Bear Canyon.



When I noticed that the wind and rain had stopped, up went the drone for a few quick shots.

First out over the canyon looking back at us.

created by dji camera

A 180 panorama.

created by dji camera

And the 180 looking out over the canyon.

created by dji camera

Then I flew it behind me to look over us towards the canyon.


And the 180.

created by dji camera

Then it was time for lunch. We initially sat near the edge but the drizzle started again. We retreated to under a tree but as soon as we sat down the rain stopped and we got our bit of actual sun (with shadows even).


Then off we got following the orange ribbons.


The trail was a bit rough but more interesting than retracing our steps on the main path.

Lots of interesting deadfall to look at.


And the cactus were flowering.



We sort of got a view at one point.


Near the end we lost track of the ribbons but just continued in what I knew was the right direction until we intercepted the main path.

The campground amphitheater is near the start of the path. As we passed by this group of deer gave us the eye to make sure we didn’t get too close.



Then back home for ice cream and a nap, in that order.

Moving on tomorrow. I hope that the weather is not as bad as the forecasts make it out to be.

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