Thursday, June 13, 2024

June 13 – To Lake Louise

Since it was only a 1 hour drive and we weren’t supposed to check-in to the new campground at Lake Louise until 2 pm and had to checkout at Banff at 11 am we had some time to kill.

First stop was a lookout onto some Hoodoos just down the road from the Banff campsite.



Next was a viewpoint along the highway where we spent most of the time. More great mountain views.





My turn to pose.


And a photosphere.

When I booked the campsite at Lake Louise I didn’t have much choice of sites for as long as we wanted to stay but I didn’t realize the site I picked was part of a double site. It’s a bit cozy.


I also forgot to note that there is no water or sewer hookup but I think ours tanks are big enough for our 10 day stay. There is however 50 amp power meaning we no longer have to be careful about turning on two or more high power appliances together. I did have to break out the tripod mounted satellite TV dish because of the trees and the alignment to the satellite is right down the road.

And we are right near the entrance so everyone entering and leaving goes right by our site. And the railroad is just across the road behind us. Hopefully there aren’t too many night trains.

But, other than the powerline, the view out the front is pretty good.


So far the forecast for 3 of our days here look pretty bad so we’ll see if we can get everything that I planned accomplished.

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  1. Great mountain views as you travel to Lake Louise! Plenty of places to pull into to take in the views on such a spectacular day!!!