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June 15 – Wapta Falls

Since the forecast called for a grey, cloudy day we knew that long distance views were out so it was time for another waterfall. Wapta Falls is about 50km away in adjacent Yoho National Park in British Columbia.

We were a bit off in our timing as to the weather but considering the forecast we didn’t do too bad. The forecast called for mostly cloudy in the morning with rain later in the afternoon. Of course as soon as we headed out it started to rain and as we were driving towards the falls it rained quite hard. We almost turned back but by the time we got there it had mostly stopped. It stayed pretty grey and we only got a bit damp during the hike. Then as we were walking back there was the occasional patch of blue sky and it hasn’t rained all afternoon.

Weather-wise we should have gone in the afternoon but it is always busier. When we were there at the bottom of the falls there was only one other family.

This is the parking situation when we got back. There is a small parking lot behind us holding about 12 cars.


The hike itself is about 5.5 km and for the first half is very flat and straight. Then you gradually climb a hill and then go steeply down to the various viewpoints of the falls until you get to the river level at the bottom.



This skinny tree had a massive burl.


Always some tiny flower pics.


Starting down to the first viewpoint.



I have never seen falls like this with that wall of gravel at the bottom. I assume that river bed has a lot of loose rock and it just builds up at the bottom of the falls. Having that wall there sure does throw up a lot of mist.

The next lower viewpoint was a bit obstructed.


Down we go.


Next viewpoint.


A photosphere from here.

Going down the rest of the way was really rough. Initially I went down by myself but then I knew Jennie would be interested in the shoreline so I went back and got her.


And all the way down.


Looking downstream.


We walked down along the shore.




The photosphere.

Someone had built a tiny shelter.


We had lunch on that log beside it.

I told Jennie that there were trails out on the small island and wondered it anyone was crazy enough to climb that gravel wall.

And then …



We actually saw him up at the top but I didn’t get the camera out in time. He must have been just completely soaked.

Then he waded out to the island and climbed it. I guess when you are that wet a bit more doesn’t matter.




After a long while we headed back up the hill.

One last look.




Lots of people heading in can be seen on these long straight sections.


Another good day despite the weather.

Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be nasty. The weather advisory says snow accumulations of 5 to 15 cm at higher elevations and lots of rain here so it will probably be a day off.

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  1. Quite the rugged trail and you are always up to doing it! Love the shoreline photos and views of the falls!!