Monday, June 3, 2024

June 3 – Bow Falls

It was a cloudy day with a forecast of some rain so we just did a short walk along the Bow River to Bow Falls. It’s a short post. You can only take so many picture of a waterfall.

First we stopped at Surprise Corner, that you can see on the map below. It is a hairpin turn in a road down from Tunnel Mountain. Right at the corner you get the iconic view of the Banff Springs Hotel. Up until the turn in either direction you can’t see it.




For such a famous viewpoint the parking area is very small, only holding about 10 cars. We tried yesterday afternoon but it was full. Today there were two spots left but while we were there (only a short time) about six other cars tried and failed to find a spot.

The falls are right below the view point but can’t been seen. Walking back from the falls we saw that the viewpoint was very busy. We guess that a bus must have dropped a tour group off.


For our walk to the falls we parked a bit closer. We could have actually parked right at the falls but that seemed to be cheating. It was around a 2 km mostly flat walk along the river to the falls.

A Magpie watched over the trail


When you get close to the falls the canyon walls close in and the rapids start. You have to climb up and over several hills via stairs.


Then finally down to a wide viewing area. We eventually had lunch here.



Around the bend in the river, with the mountains in the background, a group from a rafting company set off.


But first everyone gets a selfie with the waterfall in the background.


The view from here was a bit better with more mountains behind the falls.


It’s about time for me to get in a picture. It had started to sprinkle rain but of course as soon as we got our rain gear on it stopped.


Then back up the stairs and eventually home after a stop at the library for some fast internet.


The campground has no internet so we are relying on expensive cellular internet at our campsite. No watching Netflix. We see a lot of Starlink dishes around but since are probably nearing the end of our RVing career it didn’t make sense to get it for this month long trip.

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  1. Iconic shots of the Banff Springs Hotel and the views of Bow Falls! Mountains AND Falls! What more could you as for???