Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1 - To Grants Pass, Oregon

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Nothing exciting today. It was a cool day in Klamath, California on the coast with the fog hugging the sand on the beaches when we packed up to move to our next destination in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Highway 199 goes up a river valley and is full of tight curves, tossing the RV and its contents from side to side as we navigate the narrow roads. It was quite picturesque for Jennie looking down, from the highway high up in the RV,  at the rushing waters of the Smith River gorge. For Stuart it was eyes on the road and hands locked on the wheel.


Notice the lack of a shoulder on either side.

It was also quite a shock to go from 14C this morning to 31C this afternoon. For only the second time this trip we turned on the air conditioner.

This trailer park (can’t call it a campground) is more of a parking lot with wall to wall RV’s. It being the July 4th long weekend I couldn’t be too choosy booking things so late.


We have a bit of a view of the river but that is Interstate 5 just across the river.


Since this is a long weekend they only allow to book your site for the whole weekend. The only thing we want to do here is backtrack a bit to see Oregon Caves National Monument. We will probably watch some fire works on Monday as well. Otherwise relax time.

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