Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7 - Waterfalls

When we checked in at the campground they told us we should go see the waterfalls just north of us. None of the guide books or online sites we had seen said anything about it so we found a pamphlet at the national forest information center. It turns out there are 10 large waterfalls in a 60 mile stretch of highway.

It was another bright sunny day. At these lower altitudes the mosquitoes very vicious. I don’t know what this thing was but it was still alive.


We picked 4 of the closer ones. We skipped the ones with long hikes because Jennie was getting a lot of bites.

First was a half mile hike to 80 foot high Tokatee Falls. On the way in we passed by this redwood stave flowpipe going from a dam above the falls to a generating station below.


Following the trail along the canyon.




Looking down from the top of the falls.


Then down the stairs to a much better viewpoint.



The walls are columns of volcanic basalt. You can see the round tops worn down by the water.


Next was another half mile hike to 270 foot Watson falls. We climbed up a steep gorge full of logs and crashing water.


Then this comes into view.


The view from the lower lookout.


Then you can climb to the upper lookout about a third of the way up on the right side.



It had great views of the water crashing at the bottom.



Again pictures just don’t do it justice. We stayed as long as we could until we were completely soaked from the mist and getting chilled.

Next was the small (15 foot) but nice Whitehorse Falls right off the highway.


Everyone we met during the day said they wished they had Jennie’s full bug gear but even it didn’t completely help as she still got a lot of bites.

Finally was 30 foot Clearwater Falls, again, very close to the highway.


This one was especially bad for bugs so we didn’t stay long and headed for home.


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