Monday, June 17, 2013

June 16,17 – To Acadia National Park

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A very short post today. Yesterday we took it easy and just hung around the RV.

We did do a short walk through the campground. This is the beach.


I guess this sign makes more sense when the tide is higher.


Today we made the move to the Hadley Point Campground near Acadia National Park. It was a mostly uneventful trip except that there was a lot more traffic as we got closer to the park.

One other interesting thing was the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. It is a suspension bridge but the cables run down the middle of the platform and the roadways are on the outside.






There is also a viewing platform at the top of one of the towers. We may come back to check it out.


The campground isn’t very busy. They have several section. We are in the middle of an open field in one of them. There are campsites all around the edges of the field as well. Only 3 are occupied.


After we got setup we went to one of the Park Visitors Centers to get some info and watch a movie. Then we drove into Bar Harbor and stopped to check out a few shops. Whereas Boothbay Harbor had one small tourist section, Bar Harbor Is much larger. As I said it is also much busier here. Lots more people and cars. Below was one of many streets.


Most of the day had been bright sunshine but as we were walking around the sky all of a sudden darkened.


It started to pour with lightning and thunder. We retreated to the car and went to the grocery store to stock up. Then we headed home to plan our 10 day stay here.

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