Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 26,27 – To Lubec, Maine

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Yesterday it drizzled all day so we didn’t do much. Jennie went to Wal-Mart and I stayed home.

Today we move farther up the coast to the easternmost town and the easternmost campground in the USA. Originally this was just going to be a rest stop waiting out the long holiday weekend for a camp site in Fundy National Park but I think there is enough to do to keep us busy for a few days.

The drive was relatively easy. Some very narrow and bumpy bits of highway but mostly nice pavement. There wasn’t much to look at though.



Every once in a while we would see these large cleared out sections of land. At first I thought it was clear cutting but they are actually blueberry farms. Not the best picture but you get the idea.


I think most of the commercial blueberries in our stores are grown here.

It is big business here. Note the Blueberry Ford and Cranberry GM dealers.


We are at Sunset Point RV Park. It only has about 25 sites but it is pretty full, mostly with big rigs. I am glad I booked ahead a few weeks ago.


We look out our front window onto a small ocean bay. The view out the side windows is another RV.



They have a little pond with a row boat.



We are here for 4 nights. The weather for the next 2 days looks kind of lousy but we will probably go out anyway.

On a side note we had a problem with the rooftop satellite dish here and at the last campground. It just would not lock on to the satellite and would just spin around searching. I swapped parts from our tripod mounted dish but nothing helped. Finally I emailed the manufacturer. It seems that the actual Shaw Satellite had a malfunction on June 13 and some of its transceivers are dead. I just have to reconfigure the controller and it should work again. Unfortunately the remote control that I need to do it doesn’t seem to want to work. They said I can buy a simple universal remote at Walmart. It’s a good thing I still bring the tripod mounted dish.

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  1. The ocean bay view from the RV is awesome! A nice spot for a morning coffee!!!