Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23 – To Victoria, BC

Last night some other RV’ers joined us in the parking lot but I had never seen someone stay in their boat before.


We got up bright and early to get in line for the ferry.


I had to be careful about opening the doors. There is not much room between the lines.


In we go. I would say that the ferry was only about 3/4 full of vehicles.


And goodbye to the States and cheap gas.


Jennie found a spot to check out some brochures.


And to watch the view where it was nice and warm.


I mostly stayed outside at the bow.


The sky was very grey when we left but the line of sunshine moved towards us and we were in it for the most of the trip.


Looking back at the mountains of Olympic National Park and Hurricane Ridge that we had visited on our trip in 2011.



A ship heading off for parts unknown. I love how the break between the bright sun and dark clouds make for a very dramatic sky.


Far off in the distance was our first lighthouse of this trip.


Getting close to Victoria. The trip is only 22 miles and takes about 90 minutes.


The ferry dock is right downtown.


We passed by the houseboats of Fisherman’s Wharf.



Once we docked we all had to go through Canada Customs, which was very easy. I was sure glad that the RV battery died yesterday and not today as I was trying to exit the ferry.


We then made our way through downtown to our close by campground.



We are staying at the Fort Victoria RV Park. It has 300 sites of which I am guessing, from our walk around the park, that there might be 20 spaces for short term people like us, The rest are for people that live here full time or use it as their “cottage”. Most of the sites are so built up that the RVs are never moving again.

I meant to take some pictures but forgot and it is raining right now so I will include some of the interesting ones in a later post.

As you can see from the Google maps image, they pack them in pretty tight. We are also quite close to the highway. I hope that it is not too loud at night.

Fort victoria

We are here for 13 days.

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  1. Nice pictures of Victoria Harbour! Looks like you'll be in the best weather location next week!! Enjoy!!!