Friday, May 12, 2017

May 12 – Hatteras Beaches

Well, the rain came but it was not as bad as it could have been. We had a good sized thunderstorm go though last night but this morning it was just grey outside.

We decided to walk out to the beach beside the campground. On the way we saw that someone else likes to collect shells.


Taking the boardwalk over the wetlands towards the dunes.


Of course they pick the highest dune for you to climb over to get to the beach. This is the view looking back at the campground.


Jennie eyes lit up when she saw this pile of shells beside the road in the picture above but they were all crushed up.


Unfortunately this section of the beach is open to vehicles. There is not much chance of finding any large pieces of shells, let alone whole ones, when it is this chewed up.


We walked a little more than a kilometer before turning back. There were some awfully dark clouds off to the east but they were heading north so they missed us.


Back at the RV we had lunch and then went into the village of Hatteras to gather some brochures at the visitors center. Then, of course, we went to the beach near it. At least this section did not allow cars.

It’s not nearly as natural a setting.


One of these is not the same.


All of the other places in the long lines looked almost new. The one in the middle, above, needed some work.


Again we walk up the beach for a bit more than a kilometer. We turned around when the dark clouds seemed to be getting closer.

With a strong wind from the east, the kite boarders were out in force today. They would start far down on the eastern side of town and work there way down to the western side (where we entered) and have cars here to shuttle them back.



Heading back to the car.


The dark clouds moved in and it started to sprinkle as we got to the car.


Back at the RV we got a good downpour for about an hour but it is now just grey again. I am actually hoping for a good thunderstorm because we have a good ocean view from the front window.

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