Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 15 – Vernon Lookouts

It was another sunny, hot day with no wind. Just terrible! All of the local hikes I could find were very exposed. We were not feeling liked getting roasted so we just drove to a few of the lookouts and had a lunch with a view.

We first drove down to Kekuli Bay Provincial Park, then back towards town to various lookouts on Kalamalka Lakeview Drive. Finally we drove up Turtle Mountain to Rocky Ridge Park. Then home for a relaxing afternoon by the lake.

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The provincial park had been a possible place to stay. It looked really nice with huge tiered sites overlooking the lake but no power, very little shade and the highway right behind it, I am glad we stayed where we are.


Heading back towards town, the first viewpoint gave us a nice view of Rattlesnake Point, that we hiked yesterday.


You can see the upper and lower viewpoints at the snake’s head.


Looking south down the lake.


More little shacks by the lake. The road to this one was even called the Bridle Path. Toronto’s version would put it to shame for house size but the view here is much better.


The next viewpoint.


A photosphere from here.

We had lunch at the picnic tables at the official viewpoint, looking towards Vernon and Middleton Mountain. There was a guy camped here with his small trailer. There were no signs disallowing it and there was a washroom. He put out his solar panel as we were leaving.


Another photosphere.

Next was a couple of short trails in a housing development on Turtle Mountain.

We started with one heading north. The houses are built on such a steep slope that huge retaining walls are very important here.



I am not sure what the ducks at this lookout meant.



The trail was supposed to follow along underneath a steep cliff. When it started to go downhill we turned around.

You can see the cliff and the houses above us in the photosphere.

To the south was another short trail to a small volcanic bump called Rocky Ridge. Jennie decided to stay in the car with the AC running while I took a quick look.



Looking back at the houses.


The photosphere.

More huge retaining walls.


You have to really not mind stairs if you live here. We drove behind the houses on the top row and from the street side all you can see is one level dominated by the garage. A lot of them go two more levels down.

On the way to the RV park there is an interesting barn that I have been meaning to capture.



It gives a nice silhouette as you drive towards town.



Back at the RV park I just sat out and relaxed.


Watching everyone else do the same.


I even waded into the water. The lake was warm enough that I am pretty sure I could have made it in but there was a lot of pollen on the surface and the bottom was rather mucky. That was my excuse anyway.

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