Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 29 - To Vancouver, British Columbia

We made another short move today.

It was actually too short. Checkout time in Chilliwack was 11 am and check in time in Burnaby is 2 pm. Since the drive is less than an hour we just pulled into a rest area along the way and had a long lunch. 

We also dodged a bullet as there was a bad accident on the other side of the highway. We were only slowed down for a few minutes but the other side had a solid three lanes of backed up traffic for at least 5 km.

Crossing the Fraser River on the Port Mann Bridge, close to our destination.


The Burnaby Cariboo RV Park is in a good location. It has 217 sites in a rather small area.

Screenshot (19)

That railway next to us is worrying. I hope that there are not too many night trains.

To say that the sites are compact is an understatement. In fact they are so small that you can’t park your car at your site but must use the parking lot at the front.

The sites along the edge seem to be long term people as their sites do allow for cars.

The place is immaculate though. Every site has a well trimmed hedge giving it some privacy, along with a concrete pad for the RV and a brick patio.

I think our site is one of the larger transient sites.


We are on the main front road which is wider so it was easy to back in. I think I would have trouble on those internal roads. Our site looks more open because it overlooks two sites beside us.


It is quite an old campground, built before we had all the modern large RVs. Of the 217 sites I would guess that we could only fit in about 20 of them.

This guy had a tight squeeze.


Most are sized for the smaller rental class C RVs, although I have no idea what would fit in this tiny one.


This trailer was the only one in the place that looked small in its site.


One unique feature of the park is that they have an RV washing station, complete with sliding ladders so that you can reach the top.


The tree fluff really looked like snow near this site.


They have an indoor pool and hot tub that we might try, as the temperatures are supposed to be a bit cooler this week.


There is a central garden area with some more picnic tables and this bright clematis.



Above the pool is a sundeck giving a top down view of the park.


It is a pretty pricey park because of its location. The daily rate is $71. Even with the weekly discount we are paying just over $50 a night.

We are here for two weeks.

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  1. Looks like a well maintained RV park to be in for 2 weeks! Enjoy!