Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19 – To Powell River, British Columbia

Today we moved up to the Willingdon Beach Campground in Powell River.

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First we had to once again do the hour long drive up that twisty road to take the 12:55 ferry from Earl’s Cove to Saltery Bay. It was even less fun in the RV. I really didn’t want a line of cars behind me so we left about an hour before the ferry from Vancouver arrived and three hours before this one left. At least we got first in line.


You don’t have to pay a fare here. The fare we paid at Horseshoe Bay either gets you back to Horseshoe Bay or onto to Saltery Bay and Powell River.




It ended up being only abut 2/3 full with only a few big guys like us.

It was a beautiful day so a lot of people were out on deck.



The back was rather empty.


Everyday needs at least one photosphere.

I couldn’t resist another small boat vs big mountain picture. This is a zoom of the mountain over Jennie’s head, with the little white dot of a boat at the bottom.


We were the last ones off the ferry so it was a no pressure, easy 30 km drive to Powell River.

The Wilmingdon Beach campground looks very nice. We have a large site but it is perched at the top of a short but steep hill.


Looking down


And up from the bottom.


There are a lot of trees but I managed to find a hole to see the TV satellites for Jennie. It’s a good thing I have a long cable out to the tripod. The dish is in the lower right in the picture below.


The WIFI here seems strong but it is $2 a day per device. Since I connect all our devices up to my own router, which them connects to their network looking like only one device, we only needed to buy one ticket.

Down by the water there are some sites with a great view but, alas, we are too big for them.


We are here for 5 nights.

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