Friday, June 29, 2018

June 29 – To Whistler and Brandywine Falls

Needless to say that after our hike up The Chief, we took yesterday off.

Today we made what I think is our shortest move ever. When I had looked at the map it seemed that Squamish and Whistler were far enough apart to justify staying at each one. What I didn’t check was that Alice Lake Provincial Park is north of Squamish and Whistler RV Park is actually 19 km south of Whistler so our drive today was only 35 km.

Screenshot (49)

After driving up a steep access road with 2 hairpin turns, the RV park seems have been dug into a ledge on the side of a hill. It is long and narrow with most sites looking down on the valley below.



The view behind us. Hopefully it gets better when it isn’t so grey, cold and cloudy.


I had thought about facing the RV outwards but it puts the hookups on the wrong side and the site had a slope such that if we faced outwards the back of the RV would have to be raised to get level. I really don’t like doing that.

After we got setup and had lunch we drove to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, which is just down the hill and across the highway from the park.

The falls go over a cliff made of basalt columns. They used some for the park sign.


It’s just a short walk over and then along the river.



More very clear, slightly greenish water.


We haven’t had a fungus picture in a while. A stump beside the trail was covered.


There are two viewpoints along the rim.



Beside the falls was an arch where the basalt columns had collapsed.




We are not sure how but we saw some people down beside the river at the foot of the falls. I think they had to do some serious bushwhacking to get there. You can see a tiny white spot beside the river near the bottom of the next picture.


Farther down the trail for a longer view.



And the back to the RV.

We are here for 10 days, although I don’t think I planned this very well. We are here for two weekends, one of which is the upcoming Canada Day long weekend. Whistler is liable to be a complete zoo.

The forecast for the next week is also pretty bad, calling for showers almost every day. On with the rain gear.

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