Friday, August 18, 2017

Aug 18 – Waterfalls Around Baraga

Waterfalls overload today. At the last one even we had had enough for one day. Its a long post…

Make sure you checkout the photospheres. They worked the best today.

The weather was overcast and gloomy but at least it did not rain. With all the rain yesterday, however, the rivers and falls were just raging. Someone local that we met at one of the falls said they had never seen this much flow, even in the spring.

The county puts out a brochure showing all the waterfalls worth visiting. We hit a few 6 of them today. We couldn’t find the seventh.

Waterfalls Brochure 04

I circled Canyon Falls from yesterday. We did not go back.

First up were #3 and #4, Lower and Middle Falls on the Falls River.

You park at a waterfront park and then take a short trail up beside the river. The trail did not inspire much confidence that what we would find would be any good. It was narrow, overgrown and right next to a barb wire fence for what I think is a coal fired generating station.


It was a bit cool out but Jennie wore the hood to keep the bugs off.


The trail widened and we came to a bridge over the river.  I had to stand on the railing to get this view.


Then we noticed that the trail did continue. These are the Lower Falls.


The falls seem to have been created by some sort of dam.

The photospheres really come into their own in situations like this. A single frame image just doesn’t capture the being there feeling.

Just a short walk up the trail was the Upper Falls.


The photosphere.

The rocks on the edge had an interesting wavy pattern to them. The water must have flowed over them at one time.


It was hard but flakey shale.



The foam in the middle looked like baked meringue.


A tiny flower we saw on the way back.


And this tree that was split and fallen over, with fungi now inside it.


Next was #2, Power House Falls, which of course were next to an old power house.


The old insulators for the output of the power house.



The photosphere.

Just down from the falls the river was really raging around a corner.


Since we are using the casino WIFI, I can post these large GIFs.


Heading back to the car I wondered if we could get around to the other side of the power house.


Sure enough there was a nice platform right at the top of the falls.


The photosphere.


Jennie likes the close up shots.


I don’t think those plants at the bottom are used to being beaten up like that.

Onwards to #6, Lower Silver Falls, which were right next to a small parking lot after driving down a short dirt road.

There are actually two falls separated by a wide S curve. The first is the narrow slot, which today was not so narrow.


Looking upstream


Looking downstream

The photosphere.


Walking down to the first curve we realized that the other side of the chute was an island that split the river.


Yet another photosphere.

Walking down to the second falls we had to be careful. The trail was sometimes in the river because the water was so high.



And the other falls as the river rounds the second bend.



Again with the photosphere.


We tried to find #7, Slate River Falls but the directions did not match up with what we saw on the road.

We ended up at #8 and 9, Black Slate Falls and Quartzite Falls, which were again right next to a small parking lot.

Black Slate Falls is again made up of several sections, The lowest one is a small cascade. Next is a small falls over a rock ledge.



The upper section is a very picturesque set of rapids, boiling over the banks today.



The next to last photosphere.

On the way to Quartzite Falls we saw some interesting fungi.




Quartzite falls was just a short distance downstream. It is a small horseshoe shaped plunge over a rock face.


Looking up at the falls I couldn’t get far enough away to get an unobstructed shot with enough in it.

But the photosphere works.

On the way home we stopped at a small, closed,  out of use lighthouse at Sand Bay Point.


I don’t think it is safe to go up in the tower anymore.


Here is the current light.


And then home. Congratulations, you made it to the end.

Tonight I was impressed by the service at the casino. The RV next door had a flat tire. The casino maintenance guy came out with an air wrench, took the tire off, brought it to town to get it fixed and then came back and reinstalled it. I am sure the owner gave them something for it but they could have just said “Call for roadside assistance company”.

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  1. As always, your waterfall and flora and fauna pics are amazing! Love the photospheres and videos!! That was pretty nice of the casino to fix that guys rv flat tire. Two thumbs way up for their customer service!