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Aug 19,20 – To and Around Copper Harbor

Yesterday we did the short drive north to the end of Keweenaw Peninsula. The first part of the drive up the coast and through the middle was easy. The last 15 or so miles got “scenic”. Lower speed limit, very twisty and hilly with no shoulder at all and steep drop offs. I didn’t get to enjoy much of the scenery as I had to concentrate on keeping the RV on the road. Driving it in a car would be fun.

We are staying at Fort Wilkins State Park. Like the last state park it too doesn’t give you much privacy and seems to be booked solid.


The park does provide free WIFI which is a good thing because there is no cell service anywhere in Copper Harbor, which I thought was kind of weird in this day and age. The excuse I heard was that the “mountain” behind town blocks the signal but if you can get internet here they should be able to install a cell tower. The bad thing is that the WIFI is very flakey and dies quite often.

Today we did a few things close to the park., We hit a waterfall, went to a event called “Art in the Park” which is a bunch of artisan booths, had lunch on the waterfront, went to an agate beach and walked to the end of a point.

copper day1-1

First up was Manganese Falls. They are a narrow slot falls in a deep canyon. The official viewpoint is just a few steps off the road.


It’s down there somewhere in the gloom. I had read in someone’s blog that there is a well used unofficial trail that lets you get down and close.

The trail was easy to find. It works its way downstream along the edge of the canyon until you actually come to a road with a bridge across the to the other side. On that side you can work your way back up the side of the stream.


This is the view from near the bridge.


The path is along the rocks on the left, which are of course very wet and very slippery.

I kept taking photospheres as I went because I was not sure how far I could go. They really did a better job of capturing the feeling of being down in the canyon.

After climbing the log wall I took this next shot back towards the bridge, which you can just barely see along the middle right edge.


A little further along I had to climb a steep section around this small cascade.


The photosphere.

I made it to the pool below the slot falls.


The photosphere while perched on a tiny rock.

I did make around the edge of the pool to just beneath the falls but it was too close for a good shot but I am including it anyway.


The photosphere is much better.

Another couple made it up (down) here as well. Looking downstream from the falls. The official viewpoint is high over their heads.


You can see the fun they are having heading back.


And another photosphere from the side of the pool.

Once I carefully made my way back to the car, we headed into town to check out all the booths at the “Art in the Park” event.


We didn’t stay long. There were only a few booths that interested us. This one gave us some ideas as to what to do with some of the driftwood around the cottage.


Worst of all, there was NO food other than the local firemen BBQing hamburgers and sausage.

We had hoped to have lunch here so instead I had read of an interesting place down on the waterfront called Jamsen’s Fish Market and Bakery.

We had a somewhat weird lunch, for us, of smoked lake trout, cheese curds and a scone (because that is what they sold). However, two other couples were there having the same thing.



Their very old fishing boat.


I did a photosphere from because why not.

Heading off for the day.



Next up was Agate Beach, near Hunter’s Point. I wandered while Jennie collected.


The point was created by 3 lava flows so the rocks are all volcanic.


They look so much nicer when wet.



The beach was very steep. Lying on the edge you were practically sitting up.


There were some interesting swirling patterns on this outcrop.



Other outcrops had some weird inclusions.



I am guessing that the green colour below is from copper.


Copper used to be so plentiful and pure here that farmers would find huge boulders of pure copper in their fields.

Next was the short hike to the end of Hunters Point.


It was not hugely interesting and it was very hot today but we needed the exercise.

Made it to the end.


Nearby was a rocky island with a path out to it.



Heading back, we could see our lunch spot across the bay, with the “mountain” in the background.



Then home to air conditioning and a nap.

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