Monday, June 12, 2023

June 12 – Hopewell Rocks

Yesterday we had an easy 1 1/2 hour drive over to the Headquarters Campground at Fundy National Park. I think we were lucky to get a reservation because the largest campground in the park is closed for some reason. Even then we are in the section with tents and smaller RV’s although our site easily fits us, We are by far the largest RV in this section.


We have water and 30amp power but no sewer. There is also no internet and even cell phone coverage is weak. I did manage to get the satellite TV working after moving the RV around about 4 times to line the dish up with that small notch in the trees. The satellites are only 22 degrees above the horizon so they are just above the tree line.

The park does have an internet area where you can go and get your fix, with fast Starlink internet. We are using it to post to the blog.

Today we headed 40 km east to Hopewell Rock Provincial Park. We have been here three time before but it is so interesting we had to go again, for I am pretty sure our last time.

The best conditions are between 2 hours before to 2 hours after low tide which was at 2:10 today. We got there just after noon.

It is an almost 1 km walk from the parking lot to the stairs down.


As when we were her last time, it was very muddy. In most places there was a narrow section of gravel near the cliff and then mud the rest of the way out.



There are a few flower pots going left from the stairs.


But most stretch a long way to the right. Not much description is needed for the pictures.












When we got to this beach it looked like we should wait for the water to go down a bit to get around the next point so we sat in the dry sand above the high tide mark and had lunch.


It turned out that we didn’t have to wait because there was a narrow path through the mud and seaweed.

We made to as far as you are allowed to go, next to the emergency platform that you can climb if you get trapped by the rising tide.





Once again the best way to get a feel for the place is through the photospheres.

Photosphere1    Photosphere2   Photosphere3    Photosphere4

On the way back, the mud looked so smooth and squishy I had to go in.



The mud itself felt great but the rocks underneath did not. Also once I put my flipflops back on it was hard to walk because my feet kept slipping out.

Back up the steps for one last look.


Then to the wash station get get as much mud off as possible.


Heading back to the campsite we decided to sample the local food and have an early dinner. You will never guess what we had.


We went to the Alma Lobster Shop and shared a lobster roll, chowder, a haddock burger and fries. This time the portions were good and the food was excellent.

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  1. That does it! This post seals the deal! Our next Canadian adventure will be down east to see these fantastic spots not to mention the fresh seafood!! We vividly remember the best, fresh lobster we ever had at a roadside spot in Twillingate!