Saturday, June 17, 2023

June 15-17 – To Halifax

On Thursday the forecast called for rain 30% chance of rain in the morning and 100% from noon to 6 pm. Looking at that we decided to just take the day off. It did rain in the morning but stopped around noon. We went for a short walk around the campground, not going too far in case it really started to come down. Then around 3 pm the sun came out and it was beautiful for the rest of the day. There was another hike we had planned to do (again) but I seem to remember it wasn’t amazing so with it probably being wet we just stayed home and relaxed.

Friday we did the easy, mostly highway 4 hour drive to our campground in Halifax.


It’s not exactly a scenic site but it was easy to get into and we can get a satellite TV signal. They do have nicer more forested ones but for us the RV park is not the destination. It is just a parking place while we explore the area so this is fine.

My cousin and her husband were supposed to fly into Halifax Friday morning to meet us and spend the week exploring but one of their flights got cancelled by Air Canada. The next available flight is tonight (Saturday) so they are missing a whole of of their trip.

Both since it was a grey cloudy day and that we didn’t want to hit any of the big spots until they got here, we just did a short hike to waterfall (of course) near the RV park.

We first tried to find a farmers market because they mostly occur on Saturday mornings. The is a big one downtown but we will save that. Some places call themselves farmers markets but when you look closer they are just stores. We tried a local one in a town park that I knew was going small and it sure was. There were only about 10 stalls which we quickly scanned and then left.

The short hike to Webber Falls was only about 1.5 km but without the trail map that I downloaded to my GPS hiking app we would have missed some of the turns.

webber falls

First you have to drive about 1/2 km down a very rough dirt road. Thank goodness for the high clearance of the CRV because we would have bottomed out otherwise.


Then you walk along a rocky wide path.


Some flowers along the trailside which Google Lens called a Bird’s-foot Trefoil.


Here is the turn into the forest. Again, without the GPS telling us that we were there I would never have noticed it.


Once in the forest a bit of the trail was marked with ribbons but you mostly just had to figure out where the ground had been trampled.


They aren’t really a falls but more of a cascade but still very pretty.




Photopshere1 and photosphere2

As this seemed to be a less used trail we were very surprised when another person arrived just after us from a different direction.

The mosquitoes were quite bad here so we didn’t stay long and headed back to the car. 

My cousin’s flight gets in a around 10 so we’ll pick them up, drive to their hotel, then home and our shortened time together will begin.

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