Friday, June 9, 2023

June 9 – Fundy Trail Parkway Day 3

It was another day where the forecast didn’t look that great but it turned out to be quite pleasant and mostly sunny.

Our first stop was the St Martin’s harbour.

Some fun tourist shops.

I am not sure that I would have picked this name for the ice cream parlour.

The brand new (2022) two lane covered bridge that cost them $5.5 million.

And the old (1946) bridge on another street.

I took the obligatory low tide pictures and then came back later for high tide.


Then it was off to check out the famous St Martins Sea Caves.


There was a lot of fast running streams to cross to get close. Some of them required a jump so at first Jennie stayed on the far side. I did jump but also discovered that my shoes are not as waterproof as I thought.

A photosphere.

We thought that these were pretty interesting but then I saw some people head around the end of the point so I went to investigate. There was an obvious small worn path through the seaweed that covered the rocks but it was very slippery.

Then I came to this view.

A huge deep bay with very tall cliffs and more caves. Later I looked it up on Google Maps.

I immediately turned around to go get Jennie. She just had to see this. Eventually we got back here after both us got very wet shoes and feet wading through the streams but it was worth it.

An amazing places. The pictures don’t do it justice but these photosphere1 and photosphere2 come closer, particularly if you have a big screen.

Unfortunately I think most people miss this spot because it is out of sight and harder to get to.

Eventually we pulled ourselves away, got even wetter shoes and made it to the car. Before going anywhere else we had to go back to the RV to get dry shoes and socks.

Our next stop was the Flower Pot Rock Scenic Footpath back inside the parkway.It is a 3 km out and back trail, mainly through the forest with 4 viewpoints down to the flower pot and coastline.

Unfortunately as we drove into the park we could see a huge plume of fog boiling up over the cliff edge so we probably weren’t going to get any views. We decided to go anyway for the exercise.

The first viewpoint was not encouraging.

At least the trail was easy and flat.

Nope at the second viewpoint.

We could see a bit at the third.

We saw this tree with a huge burl.

The view at the end was another white wall so we sat and had lunch.

As we were getting ready to head back we turned around and the sun had started clearing things up.

We could see down to Melvin beach which we had hiked to on the first day here.

Back at the third viewpoint it was much clearer.

And the first.

From the sign, it used to have some trees on it and was much larger. Too bad.

We decided that that was enough for today so we headed home.

It has started to rain tonight so we’ll see if we can do anything tomorrow.

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  1. Whoa, seriously awesome pics but those photospheres really capture the scale and beauty! As for the fog and mist we remember our "scenic" east coast drives along the Cape Breton coastline! Very foggy. Fortunately you guys take your time and get to see everything in all it's atmospheric moods!