Sunday, June 18, 2023

June 18 – Downtown Halifax

After retrieving my cousin Heather and her husband Mark from the airport, it was a dark and stormy night. Heavy rain that lasted a long time with thunder and lightning and the forecast for today was not much better.

So we decided to do some indoor things. First was the downtown farmers market that all the brochures said was good. Then to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Well, the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market was somewhat underwhelming since it could all fit in one picture.


We expected something MUCH larger. There were a few interesting food booths that we might have sampled if it was closer to lunch but we only stayed about 1/2 hour.

Then we drove up to park near the museum. On street parking is free on the weekends but it took u s a while to find an empty spot.

By now the rain had stopped so we decided to check out the Halifax Harbour walk.


The cruise ship Viking Neptune was in town and I think a lot of the people we saw on the walkway were from it.


These musical instruments sounded very pretty.


For some reason this long line of chairs was not in use today.


We ogled the $80 million super yacht Vive La Vie. It costs $8 million in running costs and is owned by a Swiss billionaire. Her dining room has a crocodile leather dining table that can be raised into the ceiling to allow the room to be used as a disco.


We looked at the Corvette HMCS Sackville but it was not open.


We were trying to figure out what this huge piece of screening was for until we saw it form the right angle and the sailboat sculpture appears.


Unfortunately,I guess because of the weather and earliness of the season, not a lot of booths along the walkway were open. The restaurants right at the harbourfront look quite pricey so we walked inland a few blocks and found a nice place. You can guess what we had.

Then it was off to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

They had a huge hall filled with beautiful little sailboats.


This one looks like the Bluenose because they were designed by the same person.


A photosphere of the room.

They were model ships everywhere, which I have a particular interest in because I have built some myself. They even have a small workshop where sometimes someone is actually building one.


Since I had just built a model of the Bluenose I had to check out theirs.


I think mine would stand up to theirs.


I don’t think this one would fit in the living room.


There was a huge section about the Halifax explosion that happened during World War II and another large section about the Titanic along with this massive model.


As I said, lots of models.


There was a large display of ships turned into people.


The last time we were here in 2010 we had seen the real Theodore the Tugboat.


We couldn’t find him today.

When we were finally museumed out, we stopped to get some groceries, went back to the RV for dinner and then I drove Heather and Mark back to their hotel.

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