Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1 – To Fundy National Park

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A mostly uneventful 5 hour drive to the park. We stopped just before the border to do a bit of grocery shopping and to fill up on the cheaper gas.

The border crossing was very easy. Since we had crossed into Canada at Campobello yesterday, today he was only interested if we had bought anything since then.

Highway 1 from the border in Canada is a divided 4 lane highway. It was very boring but since it was a long drive I didn’t mind the smooth pavement.


We stopped at an information center for lunch.


Going through Saint John we saw this nice bridge.


Unfortunately it was under construction, with very narrow single lanes and a high fence on our side. Let’s just say I almost made it through. Just at the end I clipped our passenger side mirror. Strangely the housing is OK but both the flat and convex mirrors are smashed. I am hoping I can eventually just get replacement mirrors but in these days of modular construction I will probably have to buy the whole unit. In the meantime I hope I can find a piece of flat mirror that I can temporarily mount because even in the short drive to the campground after it happened, I really missed it.

Jennie reached out and held on to the pieces until I could find a place to stop.



Oh well…

Meanwhile we are tucked into our campsite and Fundy National Park and I do mean tucked.


It’s also not very level. It’s a bit wobbly walking around inside when we are up this high.



I found out yesterday that they have WIFI in this campground but it is just near the washrooms and front gate. Fortunately last winter I bought a high gain directional antenna and we are close enough to the front gate that I get 3 out 4 bars. The throughput is pretty good too as I guess there are not a lot of people using it.

When I booked the site I used a website that overlays the path to the TV satellite on a Google map view. I hoped that the trees on the far side of the road would be low enough. Sure enough we have a great connection.


With a power and water hook-up we have all the comforts of home in a national park.

After the long drive and all the setup we were too tired to even go down and check out the visitor’s center. Tomorrow. We are here for 6 nights.

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  1. That side mirror looks bad but can you just duct tape it temporarily? Welcome back to Canada!!!!