Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24 – To Campellton, New Brunswick

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It was a long drive today. Across PEI and the bridge and then all the way up the eastern coast of New Brunswick. We left around 9 am and stopped at about 3:30.

It was a weird day weather wise. We started in just clouds, moved to drizzle, then sun, then heavy rain, then sun, then even heavier rain and finally sun.

It was kind of foggy going across the Confederations Bridge.



The drive up the coast was mostly uninteresting. We were away from the coast so you just drove through the unending forest. The highway itself is pretty smooth and not a lot of big hills so it was a relatively easy drive.

We stopped in Miramichi for lunch after crossing this nice bridge.



We couldn’t find any rest stops so we just parked in the lot at a Canadian Tire.


I had read in other blogs that the town of Campellton allows you to park overnight for free in a gravel lot right down on the bay. There are no hookups but we are OK with that. It is quite popular.


Here is the view from our windshield.


Soon after we got setup we went from sun to pouring rain and back to sun in the space of about 15 minutes which gave us this gorgeous full rainbow.


There was even a hint of a double bow. I exaggerated the colours so it is easier to see.



I went for a walk out the breakwater that is next to the “campground”.



Looking back at the bridge we will be crossing tomorrow into Quebec.


Back to town and all the RVs



And now an almost full moon across the bay.


Much better than staying in the local Walmart, where we would have been otherwise.

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