Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22 – Biking Cavendish Gulf Shore Way

A short post today. We slept in very late and just hung around the RV until after lunch. It was such a nice day we had to get out and do something.

On Sunday we had driven along the shore of the Cavendish section of the park. Today we road the bike path that parallels the road. In total it was only 17 km but it was a very nice ride as it was not too hot and there was no wind.

This ride also has much better ocean views.


We were only in the trees a short time.


We saw a parade of boats out on the ocean. I assume they were fishing charters. They would all go to a spot for a while and then move on together.



On the way back we stopped at Orby Head, which was the one spot we had not visited on our drive.





Heading back,




A very pleasant ride.

We cannot get over how empty the park is, actually how empty the whole trip has been. Here it is the middle of July and most of the time there are no other people in sight. We have never seen anything even close to a full parking lot and as you can tell from the pictures, we have had most of the beaches to ourselves. I am not complaining but I sure expected it to be busier.

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  1. It is odd that there aren't more vacationers! Where is everyone?