Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 27 – To Parksville, BC

Yesterday was a day off to get a few jobs done around the RV that I had been putting off. Last evening we finally got a good solid, long rain.

Today we continued our slow creep north with the terribly tiring 1/2 hour drive to Parksville.

We are staying at the Park Sands Beach Resort, right on the ocean in Parksville.

Google Maps

It is quite a step up from the last place. Concrete parking pads and no construction. With the discount for the length of our stay, we are paying about $45 a night. During the summer there are no discounts and this site goes for $71 a night. Ouch!


The boardwalk along the bay is just beyond the hedge at the end of the road..


When we got here and were setting up, it was bright, sunny and warm. After we had lunch we were going to go for a walk but the clouds had moved in and just as we got our coats on it started to sprinkle rain.

We changed our minds and first headed over to the visitor’s center to load up on brochures. By the time we got back it was still cloudy and a bit cold but not raining.

As we headed out to the boardwalk we had to stop and smell the roses.


The bay in front of the park is very shallow and flat. Low tide was at 4 pm and we were there at 2. The water line was a long way out so we first went out onto the flats.


A long way out. There was not much to look at but it was a nice walk. Wherever there was even a bit of water the ground was alive with the tiny crabs scuttling out of our way.

I took another photosphere. It is not that interesting but does give more of an idea of the size of the tidal flats.

Parksville Bay Photosphere


We had to cross a few streams and test the shoes again.



Looking back towards shore there were some pretty dark clouds and what looked like rain. The RV park is about 1/4 of the way in from the left in the picture below.


Even some mountains with snow on them.


We worked our way around to the point on the south end of the bay.


The was another RV park there but is was all permanent sites with some park models as well.


Back on dry land we stopped a nice little garden at the start of the shoreline trail. I like flower pictures.





We resisted.


On to the boardwalk in front of our park.


It only continued on short while, just past the brown hotel in the background above. We did the walk back by looping in to check out a bit of downtown Parksville.

Some more flower pictures. We don’t know what the blue bush is but the lavender on the ground sure smelled great.




And the second we closed the door back at the RV, it started to rain again.

The forecast for the next few days is pretty lousy. We are here for 9 days.

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