Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5 – Mill Hill Regional Park

Another nice day for our last day in Victoria. We had done all the “must do” things on my list so we did a short hike up a hill, about 5 minutes from the RV park, to have lunch.

It was only 0.8 km from the parking lot to the top but you climbed 350 feet so it was a steep grind.  As usual the pictures make it look like we were walking on a nice flat trail.





Just before the top there was a short side trail to a view point back over the city.


The cruise ships have arrived.



Looking to the east we could see our RV park and Mount Douglas (from Monday).



Up at the top someone offered to take our picture looking back to the Olympic Mountains.


The top of the cairn had pointers to the sight that were visible.


To the northeast there was just a lot of hills.


We had a very leisurely lunch, enjoying the scenery, before heading back down.



Back in the lower treed section I heard some birds calling really loudly. When I tried to find them I spotted this guy/girl.


The owl finally had enough and flew off but the smaller birds chased it and kept screaming.

Tonight after dinner we heard some musical chimes that wouldn’t stop. Sure enough, looking out the window.


I resisted the temptation to run after him.

That reminded me that I had forgotten to include a picture of our “campsite” for the record. Mostly gravel with a small patch of grass.


As I said before, most of the people live here full time. The people on both sides of us do. It’s pretty tight though.


Tomorrow we are moving just about 1/2 hour west near the town of Sooke. In hindsight it probably wasn’t worth moving as it is so close but it looks like a nicer RV park. We’ll see.

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