Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18 – To Sauk Centre, Wisconsin

It was a long and boring drive with nothing much to report today.  The GPS said it should take just under 6 hours. It actually took is just over seven with a short stop for lunch.

It was kind of dreary in the morning. Looks like it is still winter here. At least there was no precipitation and very little wind.


We only saw one other RV who was crazy enough to be out in this. The weather makes me question whether we left too early but then I look at the forecast at our first destination of Osooyos, BC and they will have daytime highs in the 20’sC.

This truck passed us. I guess he didn’t get the memo about cleaning off your roof. I expected to be in an instant snowstorm any second.


Yesterday there was also a truck that had sheets of ice peeling off its roof. Everybody gave it a wide berth.

Still a lot of snow at the rest stops. The guy had just finished plowing the side walks.


One interesting things I want to remember is that they are building a massive new power line beside the road. To give non off road vehicles access to the various tower construction sites they have built a wood plank road in the ditch.


Building the temporary road of wood planks was amazing enough but it went on for, I guess, almost 10 miles.

The only busy part of the drive was passing by Minneapolis St. Paul. Lots of traffic and lots of lane changes. Thank goodness for GPS. I also normally only like to do about 60 mph. Any faster and the RV is really no fun to drive. With the normal speed limit around here being 70 mph I just let people pass me on the more empty section but in the city, when it is so busy, I feel then need to keep up to not annoy a lot of people. It just makes it that much more tense.

Later in the afternoon it got sunny and the highway got very empty.

We are parked at yet another Walmart at Sauk Centre, Wisconsin. A picture for the record.


There are lots of trucks parked here. I hope they aren’t too noisy tonight.

It is supposed to be another cold night with a low of –2C.

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  1. With that cold weather system and your northwest direct of travel I'm not surprised by the amount of snow in your pictures! At least the roads are dry! I checked your past trips and you're hitting all the regular stops! As for speed on the road it seems like everybody is passing me so I wouldn't fret about it - they should be giving you some respect! You're the true RV Road Warriors!!!