Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15 – To St. John’s

Not much to report today. An easy day of highway driving in nice weather.

The park we are going to is called CA Pippy Park and is located inside St John’s. We were told it can get quite busy so we had booked a spot a few ago. They have a weird system though. You don’t have to say how long you are staying. You can just go down to the booth each day and pay for more days if you want. This actually worked out for us as we originally planned to stay for 5 days but ended up staying 7. I have no idea how there booking system can work when you can’t tell how long people are staying.

0715-1-Pippy Park in St Johns

It was a bit of a tight fit and there was no way to get a satellite signal. There is another section just for big RVs which is just a big gravel parking lot. It was full but we kind of like being in the trees anyway.

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