Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24 - Bonavista

Yesterday it rained all day so it was an indoor day in the RV playing the Wii and reading.

Today the rain stopped by 10:00 am so we headed into to the Puffin viewing site in Ellaston, the root cellar capital of the province. There were whales out in the distance playing around.

IMG_7667  IMG_7687

IMG_7695 IMG_7700

Next stop was Dungeon Provincial Park. We are not sure what the name means.







Looking up the coast you can se the Bonavista Light Station in the distance.


We had lunch in the picnic area and then drove to Bonavista to first walk around the light station.

IMG_7720  IMG_7724

Then we went into town to the Ryan’s Premises National Historic Site; a series of building restored to the original architecture and made into museums containing artifacts from the boom period of cod fishing in here. We got a tour of the mercantile process for registering a cod harvest and a glimpse of the life during that period.

IMG_4074 IMG_7727



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