Tuesday, July 9, 2019

July 9 – Old Mill District

The forecast was for it to be rather dark and cloudy all day, with a chance of some rain so we just went to the nearby Old Mill District. It is a trendy shopping area down by the river, marked by the three tall smokestacks of a mill.



It is not that large an area and about the only store that interested us was REI but we found it rather expensive. We’ll wait to get what we need at MEC back in Canada.


There were, of course, a lot of restaurants.


The only one that seemed a bit different was a Peruvian one so we gave it a try. It was dark inside so the picture is very grainy. I don’t remember what we had but the sauce from one and the meat from the other were very good.


To work off the big lunch, we walked down the river to a bridge and then back on the other side.


It is a popular activity to float down in the river in tubes, kayaks, SUPs, etc. I think you can go about a mile downstream, even through some mild rapids. A company runs a bus that will take you back to the start.


Even today, when it was a bit cool, there were a fair number of people out.


Another found metal sculpture at the turnaround bridge.


This art piece made up of kayaks and paddles was at the launching point.




I think the water was still rather cold.  The guy jumped out but climbed back in  very quickly.



And back over the river to where we started.


Then home.

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