Friday, September 21, 2007

Sep 21 – Some Thoughts

All in all it was a great trip. We saw some amazing sights. It was great having our our driver and guide each place. Unlike a bus tour we could at least somewhat control what we did and the time we did it in.

The food was the huge disappointment. We are used to what we can get in Toronto, which is great. Here we seemed to get the same meal every time.  Vegetable rice, cabbage or bok choy, a fish in sauce and some sort of meat. We did have some good meals and the food on the cruise was pretty good.

The other problem was that we seemed to be the poor cousin as we always seemed to get the absolute worst table in the restaurants. It may be that since we were just a tour group of 2 that we really didn’t count but it got really annoying and sure put a damper on any hope of enjoying a meal.

It would also have been nice if we could have gotten a detailed itinerary beforehand. What we got just listed the major places and sights we would go to. If we had known more we could have used the guide books and internet to figure out exactly what we wanted and didn’t want to see.

We certainly could have done without some of the factory “tours”. A few were actually interesting but most just wanted you in the gift shop. It was especially annoying when we had to travel a long way out of our way to go to them.

Looking back it seems like we had some really long days but we saw an awful lot of stuff and we don’t think we would have wanted to go slower since that would have meant more days and much more cost.

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