Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13 – Omaha to Grand Island, Nebraska

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First, my Mom commented that from the blog it sounded like we were having a terrible time. Quite the opposite. There is nowhere we would rather be. All the things that have happened are quite minor. It is just that in this part of the trip not much exciting to report so the little things stand out.

The scenery today was still quite boring with long straight stretches of highway and more humongous farms. The only dead carcass today was a burned out car with the state troopers surveying the situation surrounding the accident. We drove for a short period today simply because the winds were quite strong; buffeting us about on the road and it was tiring for Stuart to keep the beast on the straight and narrow. We had a 30 mph crosswind and he had to steer into it so hard you could hear the tires squealing. By about 1pm he had had enough and we just looked for the nearest campground.

The Grand Island Nebraska KOA was quite close with full hookups and 50 amp power so we could to run a couple of heaters to keep us toasty warm. KOA’s are always a bit more expensive but it is like MacDonalds, boring but you know what you are getting.


The campground location was quite exposed, just a corner of a farmers field so we could hear the winds outside howling and whistling all afternoon We are not accustomed to the constant winds but according to the sign in the campground office “If the wind ever stops blowing in Nebraska, everyone would fall over”  this is quite normal.

By evening things calmed down a bit and we had a good nights sleep.

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