Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19 - To Boise, Idaho

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It was raining windy when we left Salt Lake City to take the I84 to our next campground in Boise.  The snow sprinkled a bit first thing in the morning but then disappeared as we left the higher elevations and descended to the flatter lands where it is now warm and sunny. Unfortunately the wind was back and we were driving directly into it. 

Driving through Idaho, the scenery was mostly vast plateaus covered in sagebrush, surrounded by mountains. They also don’t believe in putting a lot of curves in the road.

We are going to spend two nights in Boise. Stuart needs a day of no driving. There is a Camping World store here so we are going to pick up some things for the RV that are hard to find elsewhere.

As much as we don’t like staying inKOAs they are so damned convenient, close to the highway and easy to get the beast into. This one has 250 sites of which 50 are for overnighters. The rest are here for the season. If you follow the link above you will see that the campground is essentially in an urban area. I am not sure why people stay here for the season but I suspect that a lot of them live here permanently.


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