Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14 -To Cabelas Campground Sidney, Nebraska

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It was another uneventful drive through flat farm country with little of consequence to report.  It is still windy, less so than yesterday and still cool; it is around 7 Celsius and chilly.  We drove a fair distance to make up for yesterday when the winds were making the travel strenuous.  Between the shaking and rattling inside due to the rough roads and the whistling from the winds on the windshield plus the frequent gusts shifting us sideways onto the rumble strips, it was a noisy drive yesterday.  Thankfully today the decibels were lower, like a dull roar versus the 1812 overture.

This campground is run by Cabela’s Sporting Goods.  Nothing fancy but full hookups, relatively cheap and close to the highway. Their head office and a large store is located here. We went into the store to browse the wares but first everyone had to check their firearms at the booth by the door before entering.



There was so much hunting gear (ladders for sitting in trees), camouflage wear (hats, masks, vests, all manner of outerwear), guns, knives, arrows, darts (so many killing implements), camping gear, fishing things, tents, etc. and to appease the more delicate people, exercise clothing for females (there wasn’t any in the men’s section).

I spent 10 minutes reviewing the product offerings for mosquitoes deterrents and goodness there was quite a selection.  I got an email some time ago, saying that spraying Listerine mouthwash around you and not on your person or clothes works, though I have not tried it yet.  I think I have some of everything to try already and there isn’t anything radically different, except for this liquid that you put down around the perimeter of the home to deter insects from entering.  Problem is that the ones we have at home find their way from many portal and not just ground level.

We are going to take a day off tomorrow from moving west and do a little local sight seeing. We went to the tourist centre to get information to plan tomorrow’s activities. 

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